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The Clinic

Malabar Dental Clinic, situated in Calicut was established by Dr Feroz Moopen in 1998. This clinic was started incorporating sophisticated techniques in diagnosis and treatment using modern facilities in the field of dentistry. A unique concept of treatment planning giving top importance for hygiene and patient follow- up system is practised here. We have been constantly upgrading our knowledge in dentistry by attending a number of conferences and courses for the benefit of our patients. Malabar Dental Clinic leverages on a strong foundation of clinical experience and patient satisfaction!


Being focused on patient safety, Malabar Dental Clinic adheres to strict guide lines and we maintain a fully protected environment with the highest standards of sterilization. We utilize the latest digital diagnostic technology to reduce patient x-ray radiation.


Our team of doctors and technicians are committed to keeping up to date with new technology and techniques. All of our team pursues continuing education with leading dental associations.


Our clinic maintains the highest standards of environmental safety and we do not produce any radio-graphic waste products. We also strictly adhere to guidelines for disposal of hazardous waste.

We voluntarily foster good public education on the importance of dental health, especially in the area of preventative dentistry. Malabar Dental Clinic works closely with the surrounding community to provide advice and charity service as part of our community oral health program for children and underprivileged groups. We aim to improve access to high quality dentistry by making services more affordable and accessible.




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